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How to use concrete planer effectively
Friday 10th May 2019

                                                                   How to use concrete planer effectively

As a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, you’ll come across projects that require specialized equipment to get the job done right. Say you’re re-flooring a barn, workshop or warehouse building on your property, or you want to re-surface your long concrete driveway – these kinds of projects need tools that can accomplish surface preparation such as removing epoxies, elastomeric for planing concrete and asphalt with ease. Now you need 

What is a Concrete Planer?

A concrete planer is sometimes called a surface planer, milling machine or scarifier. Planers use multi-tipped cutter assemblies that rotate really fast, creating a pummeling action that chips away at a concrete surface and removes old coatings. The cutting wheels or flails are interchangeable, depending on how smooth a surface profile you need to achieve for any job.

JIEHE'S  JHE280 Self-Propelled Concrete planer

JHE280 concrete planer moves by itself, which cuts down on the work you’ll do to operate it, but makes cutting through and removing old concrete or asphalt quite efficient. The hydrostatic drive transmission moves the machine forward and backward while you control the speed, milling a 11-inch wide surface area with each pass to complete as much as 1,100 square feet in one hour. In addition, the hydraulic-powered drum lowers and raises itself with the touch of a lever, to a depth of up to 8 inch into the surface.


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